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Jesus knew before he selected Judas that he would betray him. He knew he was a thief but made him the treasurer. He wanted him as a part of the 12 regardless.

Judas Iscariot “was a thief, and having charge of the moneybag he used to help himself to what was put into it” (John 12:6).

Has it ever struck you as odd that Jesus put a thief in charge of his moneybag? Of all the disciples, Jesus chose Judas to be treasurer of his itinerant nonprofit. One is tempted to offer the Lord some consulting on good stewardship. Donors were financially supporting this ministry (Luke 8:3) and the one guy who Jesus knew was a “devil” (John 6:70) was made CFO.

Now, Jesus was not ignorant of Judas’s pilfering. So why did he let him manage the money?

And … look at some of the others.

  • He knew Peter would deny Him. He wanted him as a part of the 12 regardless.
  • He knew Thomas would, at his core, doubt Him. He wanted him as a part of the 12 regardless.
  • He knew John was way too competitive. He wanted him as a part of the 12 regardless.

Would I do that? Probably not. Betrayal hurts.  Denial hurts. Doubt hurts. Competition hurts. It hurts to the core. But Jesus also knew that his Holy Spirit would fill them. He knew they would perform greater signs and wonders than He did. He knew that day would come, when, after His resurrection, they would be transformed and filled with Power.

Good news: Jesus redeemed me despite my betrayal, denial, doubt and competitive nature. God is good. He has transformed all of us.

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Jesus’ identity did not come from anyone but His Father. And he knew how much His Father loved Him. He knew it in his core. So he could select a bunch of men who would betray Him, deny Him, doubt Him, be way too competitive with each other and yet be open to Him. They would leave Him alone at the most important moment. He knew it. He was grounded in His Father’s love and pleasing Him. Jesus, the Messiah, loved them no matter what.

May I do the same. May my identity come from my Father who is so perfectly good all the time. May my love come from my Father who is always in a good mood and has my best interest in mind. May my heart be grounded in Him!!

So be it!!! Whoo Hoo!!!