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Why this is important: We all know some “know it all’s”. We all pretend to know things we really don’t. There are some things we should know and be able to speak about. Why the confusion?

  • We should know life, how we get it and keep it, and how serving the Messiah makes it possible.
  • There should be no pretending about that. We serve a “real” God.
  • We have “real” life. Let’s talk about that.

That is what we know. We are literate on what God has done for us through the sacrifice of his son Jesus, the Messiah (anointed King). If we pretend otherwise, we are fools and truly ignorant. Let us all stop pretending.

because though they knew God they didn’t glorify [him] as God or thank [him]. Rather, they became ridiculous in their reasonings; and their stupid heart was darkened.[1]

(Romans 1:21 – Literal Translation)

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Man knew God; this is clear. But man did not want to know God or honor Him as God. Instead of being thankful for all that God had given him, man refused to thank God or give Him the glory He deserves.

  • Man was willing to use God’s gifts, but he was not willing to worship and praise God for His gifts.
  • The result was an empty mind and a darkened heart.
  • Man the worshiper became man the philosopher, but his empty wisdom only revealed his foolishness.

Having held down God’s truth and refusing to acknowledge God’s glory, man was left without a god; and man is so constituted that he must worship something. If he will not worship the true God, he will worship a false god, even if he has to manufacture it himself! This fact about man accounts for his propensity to idolatry. Man exchanged the glory of the true God for substitute gods that he himself made. He exchanged glory for shame, incorruption for corruption, truth for lies.

First on the list of false gods is man. This fulfilled Satan’s purpose when he told Eve, “You shall be as God!” (Gen. 3:5, NASB) “Glory to man in the highest!” Satan encouraged man to say. Instead of man being made in God’s image, man made gods in his own image—and then descended so low as to worship birds, beasts, and bugs![2]

Good news: Jesus redeems us and liberates us from this kind of thinking. We do not have to repeat the cycle of failure. We are free to be the children of God.

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