MWW - 2021I am Michael Wilson. I was born on July 18, 1954, in Atlanta, Georgia at Crawford W. Long Hospital, the son of Everett and Dorothy Wilson.

I became a follower of Jesus in 1965. My sweet mother led me to Jesus. I was baptized (Peachtree Baptist Church in Atlanta), entered the fellowship of faith and became a disciple (aka learner) of Jesus. This web site is all about Jesus and many of the articles are “Jesus Sayings”.

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. I went to Briarcliff High School and graduated with a B. A. from Mercer University. I majored in Religion. I’ve lived in Orlando, Austin, Houston, Syracuse, and Dallas.

In full disclosure, I am still a member of the Baptist church. The church I am a member of generally adheres to a Reformed Theology. We have a biblical worldview. Our Pastor preaches through the bible, leaving nothing out.

I am currently a consultant with Fortium Partners. My LinkedIn profile is here: Michael Wilson | LinkedIn  I have a contract to serve as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Christian Training Center International.

That leads me to the “Jesus Prayer”. Master Jesus the Messiah, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner!

FYI, I maintain 4 web sites and the content associated with them.

I would be honored if you check them and follow me if the content is of interest.

Blessings from mighty King Jesus.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. This is Anthony from The Recovering Legalist ant Proverbial Thought. Shoot me an email. I have a question. PastorACBaker@yahoo.com

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  2. God bless you

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  3. Body Ministry is a passion of mine. Encouraging others within the Body of Christ to use the gifts the Holy Spirit has given them to make the Body of Christ complete with Christ as the Head is a teaching not often expressed.

    With that in mind and because I follow your site and within the last several month have found inspiration, encouragement and/or instruction from your site, I am publishing the link to your site on my “Blogs Followed” page. You need do nothing in return, this is part of my ministry TO the Body of Christ. If however, you would rather not your link/site be associated with mine, please feel free to let me know and I will remove the link, no questions asked, no hurt feelings.

    In the meantime, my prayer for you and your ministry (service to others and the Lord) is that you will be continually blessed with insight, creativity and abundant blessings from the Holy Spirit as you continue in your ministry!!

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  4. I’ve just learned the Jesus prayer myself!!! Hallelujah He does have unending mercy!

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