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It is a great question. Jesus knows how to ask them. I am not always prepared to answer.

Jesus has healed me. Jesus has given me sight. Do I see?

At first it is all fuzzy. Jesus touches me again. Now I see perfectly.

Sometimes it takes a couple of shots at it. Surely not a problem on Jesus side of things. Nothing is impossible with God. Jesus is the perfect healer.

They arrived at Bethsaida. Some people brought a sightless man and begged Jesus to give him a healing touch. Taking him by the hand, he led him out of the village. He put spit in the man’s eyes, laid hands on him, and asked, “Do you see anything?”

He looked up. “I see men. They look like walking trees.” So Jesus laid hands on his eyes again. The man looked hard and realized that he had recovered perfect sight, saw everything in bright, twenty-twenty focus. Jesus sent him straight home, telling him, “Don’t enter the village.”

Source: Mark 8:22-26

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