Enjoy this very special story. Blessings to Brother Tim for making it happen.

It Was On My Mind

TheMagiI wrote this story a few years ago while thinking about the gifts the Magi brought to Jesus. They were treasures, for sure, and way out of the “norm” for a poor family in that region. I hope you enjoy this story and will share it with others as we celebrate the wonder of Christmas this year!

As she blew the dust off the small chest the memories flooded in once again. It was the last of the three; handcrafted and finely made from an exotic wood not found in their region of the world. As a young carpenter, she remembered that Joseph had noticed it right away, his rough hands carefully touching each hand-cut joint as he admired its craftsmanship. Tears filled her eyes as she held the box close, dreading the moment when she would have to open it. It was a moment she had hoped would never…

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