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I live in a world where almost everyone is trying to make me into something else. They have great things in mind for me. Dress like this and I will be successful. Change this in my life and I will be happy. Follow these 7 steps and I will improve my life. There isn’t anything particularly “wrong” with that. Having goals in life is important.

Think about the other side of it though. We are barraged all day long with list after list of things we must change and we will succeed. It is all hokum because it is all based on what someone besides God thinks is important. It isn’t true but we are being seduced into believing it. Jesus has made and will make us everything we need to be in Him. It is His doing and not ours. Who are we depending on, ourselves to make us better or GOD who has already made us perfect?

This isn’t about being complacent. It is about recognizing that God is in control and not us.

Jesus challenges us to focus on being who God wants us to be. That is all that matters.

Being content with who we are in God is the only accomplishment that matters.

Here are the key ideas:

  • Be content in being a child of God
  • Success is not what others (in this world) says it is
  • God’s goals for us are all that matter