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Jesus is amazing. I am constantly stunned at what He did for me and how He teaches me. Jesus is in the amazement business.

Here are some amazing things.

  • The miracles
  • The teaching
  • His authority
  • Casting out demons
  • Raising the dead
  • His death, resurrection and ascension
  • His gift of the Holy Spirit to us

And the list could go on and on. Everything about Jesus is stunning. We need to stand in awe. We need to shout for joy. We need to do a happy dance.

  • Matthew 27:14 — 14 And He did not answer him with regard to even a single charge, so the governor was quite amazed.
  • Luke 2:33 — 33 And His father and mother were amazed at the things which were being said about Him.
  • Luke 2:47 — 47 And all who heard Him were amazed at His understanding and His answers.
  • Luke 4:22 — 22 And all were speaking well of Him, and wondering at the gracious words which were falling from His lips; and they were saying, “Is this not Joseph’s son?”