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Jesus destiny was in Jerusalem. God’s goal for Him would come to pass there. He would die and be raised from the dead by the amazing power of the Holy Spirit.

But notice how this was framed. He took the 12 aside and clearly said “We”. Jerusalem just wasn’t for Jesus.Jerusalem

The good news of the new agreement God has with us is that we have died and been raised to a new life in Him.

Oh my goodness. That is some very good news!

We went to Jerusalem with Jesus. We have shared in his death and resurrection. We have the power of the Holy Spirit, that raised Him from the dead, in us.

God’s goal for us is to live a resurrected life with Jesus.

Then Jesus took the Twelve off to the side and said, “Listen carefully. We’re on our way up to Jerusalem.” | Luke 18:31

May I see how I am a new human being in Him.

May I know that the old me was crucified with Him and the new me was raised up in Him.