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God hates complainers

God hates complaining

This is a fact. God hates complaining. God is God. Complaining is a total lack of faith in God’s good plan for us.

“God expects no complaining on our part and offers no explanation on His part.” ~~Oswald Chambers

Now, consider this.

Is that grounds for complaining that God is unfair? Not so fast, please. God told Moses, “I’m in charge of mercy. I’m in charge of compassion.” Compassion doesn’t originate in our bleeding hearts or moral sweat, but in God’s mercy. The same point was made when God said to Pharaoh, “I picked you as a bit player in this drama of my salvation power.” All we’re saying is that God has the first word, initiating the action in which we play our part for good or ill. Romans 9:14 The Message (MSG)