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Kingdom of God

Kingdom of God

King David, in his wisdom, pleads for God to pay attention. David knows he isn’t making any sense. I know I don’t make sense to God many times as well.

  • I groan.
  • I cry.
  • I ramble on.

That doesn’t stop David and it shouldn’t stop me. Every morning I should be at again and waiting on God to send fire down. God is in a good mood and he will. Jesus is in control of God’s country and government.

Listen, God! Please, pay attention!
Can you make sense of these ramblings,
my groans and cries?
    King-God, I need your help.
Every morning
    you’ll hear me at it again.
Every morning
    I lay out the pieces of my life
    on your altar
    and watch for fire to descend.

Source: Psalm 5:1-3