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Jesus SeriouslyThere are many ways we hear about God. As a child in vacation bible school. The few times we actually read the Bible.

But we may have no real memory of God because we don’t listen to Jesus, His Messenger. We don’t take Him seriously.

Jesus challenges, even demands of me, that I take what He says seriously. That is the way to God and the only way to God. God is God. God is in control. Jesus will be taken seriously.

It is God’s goal for me that I listen to Jesus and act on what he says. There is no other way to God. My relationship with Jesus will give me the message of God.

May I  hear His voice. May I do what He says.

“There is nothing left in your memory of God’s Message because you do not take his Messenger seriously.” ~~Jesus

John 5:34-38 (The Message Bible)

Here are the key ideas:

  • Have a strong relationship with Jesus, the resurrected Master of the universe.
  • Listen to Jesus.
  • Take what Jesus says seriously and act on what he tells us to do.