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God is revealing things. God is in the revealing business. Sometimes it is a little fuzzy at first and then gets clearer over time. Some days it is BOOM! It is clear now.

I get to proclaim those revelations as I grow. Jesus is the Messiah, the anointed King of God’s country. At first it was Jesus is my Lord and Savior. Baptism came and the Lord’s Supper.

I needed to learn and grow. The Lord became my Master and I His slave. Master Jesus revealed Himself as King of God’s country demanding my total allegiance. Revelation growing.

I was able to move from pretending to being a Christian and following the rules of the church to the freedom offered me by Jesus. I left being a servant of the Church to being a slave of Jesus. I get to live in the Truth of Jesus, knowing that Jesus is the Truth.

I am free from the slavery of missing God’s goal (aka sin) because I have a new Master now.

Stunning when I think about it.