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We love our religious pedigrees. I’m a Baptist. I’m an evangelical. I’m a Catholic. I’m Lutheran. The list goes on and on.  According to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity (CSGC) at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, there are approximately 41,000 Christian denominations and organizations in the world today. This statistic takes into consideration cultural distinctions between denominations in different countries, so there is an overlapping of many denominations.

I am no different. Given the opportunity, I love to think I’ve been trained correctly on the way of God and Jesus.

Is any of that important to God? Yes and no. God wants me to follow His Son Jesus, the Messiah. God wants me to allow King Jesus to be in charge. Why? Because it is the truth. Jesus is in charge. My religious pedigree and bonafides matters nothing compared to the issue of who is in charge of my life.

Are the religious elites always faithful to the Way of Jesus?

Are elites the guardians of His Holy word? Nope. Some have abandoned what God has clearly said He wants. God has a goal for us. I need to be faithful to that goal. It is not about “my mission”. It is about God’s will being done.

So if the elites abandon God’s word and aren’t faithful, does that cancel out God’s word and His faithfulness? No way at all.

God keeps his word even when the whole world is lying through its teeth. God’s word stands fast and true. Rejection doesn’t faze God. God is God.