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There is something Jesus knows about me and I am thinking he knows it about you as well. The disciples were all in the same boat in thinking they were in trouble. No dissenters to be found.

  • The conclusion is that despite all the miracles, I just don’t get it some days. It isn’t easy to face, but it is true. Jesus knows it. I must face it as well. I can fool myself but I can’t fool Jesus.
  • I can grow by learning. I can change my mind (aka as repenting) about Jesus and what he does, all the time.
  • Jesus is in charge. He is always in charge. Is there something that Jesus can’t do? Nothing is impossible with Jesus. God is God and God is great.
  • I need to focus on what Jesus is doing right now. Of course, Jesus is clear with me. Jesus wants me to learn and grow.

He then left them, got back in the boat, and headed for the other side. But the disciples forgot to pack a lunch. Except for a single loaf of bread, there wasn’t a crumb in the boat. Jesus warned, “Be very careful. Keep a sharp eye out for the contaminating yeast of Pharisees and the followers of Herod.”

Meanwhile, the disciples were finding fault with each other because they had forgotten to bring bread. Jesus overheard and said, “Why are you fussing because you forgot bread? Don’t you see the point of all this? Don’t you get it at all? Remember the five loaves I broke for the five thousand? How many baskets of leftovers did you pick up?”

They said, “Twelve.”

 “And the seven loaves for the four thousand—how many bags full of leftovers did you get?”


He said, “Do you still not get it?”

Source: Mark 8:13-21

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