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Good News

Good news of God

Jesus wants me to speak strongly. Jesus has a good news message He wants heard and acted on.

When I speak out for Jesus, am I doing it to manipulate people? Am I doing it to curry favor with God? Are my efforts to get applause?

Why do I bother to be a slave of Jesus? Is it for popularity?

I don’t think so.

Is the message of Jesus about optimism? Nope. It is about the issue of eternal life. Eternity is at stake. Jesus compels me to be urgent in my delivery. Heaven and hell are at stake.

I could have gone to school to be a great theologian. That would have helped my creds with the religious elites.

Where does my authority come from? I have been to the school of Jesus. I have received my message from Him. It comes directly from my Master, Jesus the Messiah.

Blessed is His holy name.