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I learned this the hard way with my dad. There was a period of time I thought he was an idiot. I left home at the age of 17. I wandered on my own for a couple of years.

I came to see the folly of my ways. It was a tough lesson but served me well. I came to my senses and apologized for being rebellious and arrogant. I humbled myself. It wasn’t easy but God convicted me.

Intelligent children listen to their parents; foolish children do their own thing. ~King Solomon | Proverbs 13:1 (The Message Bible)

I learned a lot from my father. The most important thing is that I learned to listen to him. I’m not a smart man but my dad was. I learned a lot. It has served me well. While he passed away a few years ago, I still hear his words of wisdom and follow his advice.

Doing your own thing is foolish. I know that for a fact. The word for foolish here is one of scoffing and mocking. That is a sad way to treat your parents.